Travis Harms Authors Article in Family Business Magazine

Travis Harms, CFA, CPA/ABV, Senior Vice President of Mercer Capital, authored the article “Privately Owned Family Businesses Should Not Ignore Investor Relations” in the Family Business Magazine’s March/April issue. A subscription to the publication is required to read the full article.

In the article, Harms explains the purpose of investor relations in publicly traded companies and primary benefits of a formal program in family-owned businesses. Such programs develop an informed shareholder base, demonstrate management accountability, create a better understanding of shareholder preferences, and preserve family harmony.

“…successful family businesses should develop and implement an investor relations program that fits their business and their family. The costs of failing to do so can prove to be far too high.”

Travis W. Harms leads Mercer Capital’s Family Business Advisory Services practice and publishes related articles bi-weekly on LinkedIn.

Mercer Capital provides financial education services and other strategic financial consulting to family businesses. For more information, contact Travis Harms at 901.322.9760 or