Womack and Calhoun Speaking in “Double-Dipping and Business Valuation in Divorce” Webinar

Scott A. Womack, ASA, WAFF, and Karolina Calhoun, CPA, ABV, CFF, are presenting alongside Gunnar J. Gitlin of The Gitlin Law Firm in a Strafford video webinar on March 28, 2023, at 1 pm EDT.

The live, 90-minute CLE webinar will address “Double-Dipping and Business Valuation in Divorce: Strategies to Avoid Twice Distributing the Same Income” and will feature a live Q&A after the session.

In the session, Womack, Calhoun, and Gitlin will offer guidance to family law counsel grappling with the complex issues of double counting of income that surface when the parties capitalize income from a business or professional practice to establish its value for equitable distribution and then order payment of that same income as future maintenance or support payments. They will discuss how to determine if double-counting (or double-dipping) occurred, the methodologies used to address the problem, what happens if a double-counting problem is not solved, and how to avoid the inequitable result of twice-distributing the same income.

Scott Womack, Senior Vice President, leads the firm’s Litigation Group. As part of his corporate litigation practice, Scott has deep experience in family law litigation (traditional litigated divorce and collaborative divorce). He assists family law attorneys in divorce matters, including business valuation, forensic accounting, and division of the marital estate. Scott has testified in several jurisdictions involving family law matters. Scott regularly contributes to Mercer Capital’s Family Law Valuation and Forensic Insights monthly newsletter. Scott also assists estate planning attorneys throughout the nation in federal and state gift and estate tax valuation matters. In addition, he has testified in Tax Court.

Karolina Calhoun, Vice President, has been involved with hundreds of valuation and litigation support engagements in a diverse range of industries on local, national, and international levels. Before joining Mercer Capital, Karolina was a Senior Auditor at EY (Ernst & Young) in their Audit and Assurance Services practice. As a member of Mercer Capital’s Litigation Group, she provides valuation and forensics services for family law, gift & estate planning, commercial litigation, transactions (M&A), and further matters related to privately held businesses, dissenting shareholders, intellectual property, personal goodwill, etc. With her forensics accreditation, she provides economic and financial damages studies, asset tracing, lost profits, and lifestyle analyses. Karolina also regularly contributes to Mercer Capital’s Family Law Valuation and Forensic Insights monthly newsletter.