Creating Strategic Value Through Financial Technology

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 252 pages
Publication Date: Spring 2017
Publisher: Wiley Finance Series

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FinTech is not solely a threat to community banks—it’s an opportunity. Through successfully leveraging FinTech, community banks can level the playing field with larger banks and non-bank lenders, as they improve their profitability, performance, customer satisfaction, and value. Creating Strategic Value Through Financial Technology shows you how. The book contains 13 chapters broken into three sections:

  • Section I introduces FinTech, examines its history and outlook, and also discusses key reasons that FinTech can have a significant positive impact on community banks in the U.S.
  • Section II provides an overview of important trends and FinTech companies in prominent FinTech niches, such as bank technology, alternative (i.e., online) lending, payments (including blockchain technology), wealth management, and insurance. This section is helpful for community bankers interested in understanding more about particular FinTech niches.
  • Section III presents a range of topics important to community bankers as they assess potential FinTech niches, partnerships, and acquisitions. Highlights include an examination of how to approach the build, buy, or partner decision when considering a FinTech niche or company; key return metrics to compare FinTech strategies to traditional strategies; and how community banks can value and structure potential partnerships, acquisitions, and investments in FinTech companies.

Creating Strategic Value through Financial Technology illustrates the potential benefits of FinTech to banks, both large and small, so that they can gain a better understanding of FinTech and how it can be leveraged to enhance profitability and create value for shareholders.

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