The Bank Director’s Valuation Handbook

What Every Director Must Know About Valuation

by Andrew K. Gibbs, CFA, CPA/ABV and Jay D. Wilson, Jr., CFA, ASA, CBA

Format: Paperback
Special Price $45.00
Page Count: 200 pages
Publication Date: January 2009

Why Is This Handbook Important?

Valuation issues intersect with a bank’s affairs more often than you may imagine, and they are likely to arise during your tenure as a director or manager. These valuation issues might include merger and acquisition activity, an employee stock ownership plan, capital planning, litigation, or financial planning, among others. Mercer Capital has been working with financial institutions for over 30 years and has provided valuation and other financial consulting services to thousands of clients. We find that most of our clients have the same basic questions about these important valuation issues. This handbook is written to address many of these questions and to provide useful information for bank directors and managers when valuation needs emerge. It is unique in that it focuses specifically on valuation-related issues, and is designed to be a ready resource rather than an academic treatise.

Who Should Read This Handbook and Why?

This handbook is written specifically for bank directors and managers. It provides basic information and insight into those circumstances that involve valuation and other financial consulting. Each chapter addresses a valuation issue that might surface at your financial institution. Meant to stand alone, the chapters summarize the key issues on which you should focus and provide insight and a vocabulary to assist you in asking the right questions of your professional advisors.