‘Twas the Blog Before Christmas…

2019 Mercer Capital RIA Holiday Quiz

Industry Trends

Photo via Aston Martin

‘Twas the blog before Christmas and throughout our staff
Analysts were separating wheat from the chaff

As midtown Manhattan glistened with snow
We sighed as our Bloombergs warmed us with their glow

Hedge-funders grinned, computing their carry
While raising a glass to the 2 & 20 fairy

With the yield curve corrected, and cap rates back down
It’s hard to find a real estate guy with a frown

Long-onlys dreamt active would once again pay
Before President Warren comes to tax it away

Wealth managers gathered at bars with their peers
All hoping a Santa-rally soon would appear

But whatever your alpha, this is still a great biz
So celebrate the season with our RIA quiz!

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