Will Your Succession be Successful?

A Few Things RIAs Need to Know

Asset Management

We’ve hesitated to put together a whitepaper on succession planning because so many people have already written excellent commentary on the topic. Nonetheless, when we surveyed what had been written about succession for RIAs, we didn’t see the kind of nuts and bolts explanation of the corporate finance aspects of succession.

The industry is facing at least three major factors: an aging ownership base, an aging bull market, and – paradoxically – an exponential increase in the sources of capital to sell, grow, or transition. Despite the headline emphasis on consolidation, investment management is still an apprenticeship business model and, therefore, internal succession will be the order of the day for most firms.

We hope you will find our whitepaper on the topic both unique and useful. We are here to help you succeed at succession. Click the whitepaper below to download.


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