Mercer Capital provides valuation and transaction advisory services to companies in the energy industry.

Mercer Capital has significant experience valuing assets and companies in the energy industry, primarily oil and gas, biofuels and other minerals. These companies include large and small oil & gas exploration and production firms (E&P) with assets less than $100 million dollars to multi-billion dollar transactions.

We have valued companies and minority interests in companies servicing the E&P industry. These include seismic, pipeline, storage, tool manufacturers, companies, etc.

An important part of many of these company valuations are the underlying assets: primarily the oil and gas reserves, i.e. proven producing, proven undeveloped, probables, possibles and raw acreage – both working interests and royalty rights.

Our professionals have valued billions of dollars worth of reserves and have one of the most active valuation practices in America in this arena.


These oil and gas related valuations have been utilized to support valuations for IRS Estate and Gift Tax, GAAP accounting, and litigation purposes. We have performed oil and gas valuations and associated oil and gas reserves domestically throughout the United States and in foreign countries.


  • Our oil and gas valuations have been reviewed and relied on by buyers and sellers and Big 4 Auditors
  • Reliable opinions – Opinions have been scrutinized and upheld by the IRS, PCAOB, and State & Federal Courts

Oilfield & Related Services

  • We have extensive expertise in multiple segments of the valuation of oilfield services firms and have had considerable interaction with both pre-deal and post-transaction advisory
  • We currently have or have had clients in many sub-segments of the services area such as:
    • Drilling & contract rig management
    • Trucking & transportation
    • Pressure pumping (acidizing, cementing and fracturing )
    • Frac Tank Leasing
    • Rig-services
  • Reliable opinions – our principals have had their opinions scrutinized and upheld by the IRS, PCAOB, and State & Federal Courts

Our Services

In a market that has become increasingly competitive in recent years, Mercer Capital’s team capabilities in valuation and related consulting is among the best in the country.

This knowledge relates not only to the underlying economics to the oil patch, which include its escalating cost structure, but most importantly, the current and future trends that impact values in a forward looking market. We have the capability to coordinate and help provide a complete package of services, including:

  • Valuations (M&A oriented, tax driven, shareholder buyouts, and litigation)
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Buy Side Planning
  • Due diligence services
  • Sell side advisory including strategic negotiation and term structuring
  • Solvency opinions

This knowledge base has been built from the continuing services, engagements and relationships that our team’s principals have participated in over the years.

Contact a Mercer Capital professional to discuss your needs in confidence.