‘Twas the Blog Before Christmas…

2023 Mercer Capital Auto Dealer Holiday Poem

Special Topics

‘Twas the Night before Christmas, when starting from dusk,
No salesperson was stirring, not even Saint Musk;
Service lanes and lifts were empty and bare,
In hopes that new models soon would be there.

Our analysts report yet another good year,
Despite margins declining and other big fears;
With continued recovery in service and parts —
Focusing on fixed ops will always be smart!

With another year fast approaching the end,
13-month financials will be ready to send.
Now it’s time to ponder, look back, and review,
Our past blog topics that interested you.

Is the industry shifting to buying online?
Habits of young people might be a sign.
Will recovery continue in auto leasing?
Dealers rejoice! News of loyalty increasing.

Many market headwinds appeared on the scene,
From inflation and interest rates; what does it mean?
We’ve seen floor plans shifting from credits to cost;
Do higher prices lead to sales lost?

The latest challenge involved workers striking;
Many demands were met to the Union’s liking.
Will rising wages increase MSRP?
Too early to tell — we must wait and see.

Improvements in supply as reflected in days,
Will OEMs stay lean or revert to old ways?
EVs abound with more models to count,
Will strategies change as inventories mount?

On Penske! On Sonic! Auto Nation, Group 1!
Each executive weighs in, not to be outdone.
We listen by quarter to each earnings call;
To see if GPUs will continue to fall.

Each passing month come reports from the SAAR,
That show where we’ve been, and where we are.
To translate to multiples both low and high,
Is best explained by the metric, Blue Sky.

We cover the industry to stay educated,
And send weekly emails that keep you updated.
From transfers of wealth, divorce, and buy/sell,
Our work assists clients, too many to tell.

We wish you a season full of joy and cheer;
We will blog again this upcoming year.
Mercer’s Auto Team will now fade out of sight;
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!