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Mineral and Royalty Rights

How Do Post-Production Deductions Affect the Value of Your Oil and Gas Royalty Interest?

From the first Board Meeting to the last session of the conference, post-production deductions were discussed in great detail at the NARO National Convention.  Why were these deductions brought up time and time again? Because post-production deductions affect the value of a mineral owner’s interest yet the regulations surrounding them is somewhat unclear and exists mainly on a contractual basis.

3 Things to Know Before Selling Your Oil and Gas Royalty Interest

There are many reasons that you may want to sell your oil and gas royalty interest, but a lack of knowledge regarding the worth of your royalty interest could be very costly. Whether an inflow of cash would help you make ends meet or finance a large purchase; you no longer want to deal with the administrative paperwork or accounting cost of reconciling monthly revenue payments; or you would prefer to diversify your portfolio or move your investments to a less volatile industry, understanding how royalty interests are valued will ensure that you maximize the value.

Special Topics

Risk and Return: Working Interests and Royalty Interests

When valuing mineral interests, it is important to consider the nuances of the each type of mineral interest. Given that risk and asset values are indirectly related, it is important to keep in mind the various risk factors which pertain to the mineral interest. We’ll begin by examining the various risks surrounding both types of interests.

3 Types of Mineral Interests

Overriding royalty interests are often used as an incentive for those who are affiliated with the drilling process but do not own the minerals or E&P company (a broker or geologist for, example). Owners of ORRI, like royalty interest owners, bear no cost of production but own a portion of the revenues generated by the drilling process.

How to Invest in PUDs in the Permian Basin without Paying for the Well

In previous posts we have discussed the existence of royalty trusts & partnerships and their market pricing implications to royalty owners. Many of those trusts have a set number of wells generating royalty income at declining rates for multiple years to come. Viper Energy Partners LP (VNOM) is not a trust, but a partnership, solely focused on the Permian Basin with royalty interests in producing wells as well as proven undeveloped (PUD), probable and possible wells. In this post, we consider VNOM, the current market, and implications for royalty owners.

How to Value Overriding Royalty Interests

When comparing a royalty interest to an ORRI, it is critical to understand the subtle nuances of the rights and restrictions between the two. Owners of royalty interests utilizing Permian Basin Royalty Trust as a valuation gauge should adjust for such differences as well as other differences between publicly traded and non-marketable securities.

There Was Blood

Many operators and oil and gas service companies didn’t survive the last 20 months, and most of the news headlines focused on their story. For royalty owners, who might depend upon royalty checks for steady income, it was equally scary as their payments shrunk due to low oil prices which were magnified by lower production rates. However, the last 12 months have provided some relief. In post, we reflect on the effects of the market and valuation implications for royalty owners.

Royalty Interests Discover the Permian

Royalty trusts, like the rest of the oil and gas industry, have been hit hard. In this post, we examine their performance over the last couple of years and consider the impact of bankruptcy.

Royalty Interests: First in Line, Last in Conversation

When the price of oil started its descent during 2014, the majority of media attention was, and still is, focused on exploration, production, and oil field services companies. While bankruptcy courts are busy deciphering reorganization plans and perhaps liquidations of companies, one group of oil and gas participants are getting little attention: royalty owners. While the last two years have been a rough ride, opportunities do exists for forward thinking royalty owners and investors.

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