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Bryce Erickson, ASA, MRICS

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In each “Meet the Team” segment, we highlight a different professional on our Energy team. This week we highlight Bryce Erickson, Senior Vice President of Mercer Capital and the leader of the oil and gas industry team. The experience and expertise of our professionals allow us to bring a full suite of valuation, transaction advisory, and litigation support services to our clients. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a bit better.

What attracted you to a career in valuation?

Bryce Erickson: There are a lot of things appealing about valuation, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it for over 20 years.  Looking back, for me, three things stand out.  First, I sort of grew up in the profession. My dad entered valuation in 1972, and I would hear the conversations at the dinner table about the cost of capital, customer lists, and comparables.  Secondly, the economic and analytical disciplines at the center of what I do align well with how my brain functions and how I approach problem solving.  That’s fun.  Lastly, it allows me to serve clients in a way that, if done well, will lead to a long career whereby I have a lot of ability to chart my own course.  That’s a great incentive.

What does your personal practice consist of?

Bryce Erickson: Sort of like the Generation X member that I am, my practice is a mix of a lot of things. When I started in valuation in the late ’90s, most firms and groups had not specialized (that has changed). I got exposed to a lot of industries and service lines as a result. I have touched a bit of everything in my career and still do in many respects. However, as my career has progressed, I have developed a few specializations. One is in energy, particularly upstream oil & gas, as well as minerals. That has been a big part of my career in the past 10+ years. Another has been professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), where I have had the opportunity to value teams I grew up watching or rooting for as a kid. That has been a real thrill.

Again, I touch them all as far as service lines, but the two areas I have spent the most time on have been tax-driven and litigation-driven work. In addition to valuation, I have done a lot of economic damage-driven work and have testified nearly two dozen times now. Litigation is intense by its nature, and that intensity is useful in other areas of my practice, helping me give the best service I can to all clients.

What types of oil & gas engagements do you work on?

Bryce Erickson: As I’ve already mentioned, in addition to exploration and production company valuations, I do fairness opinions and quite a bit of mineral and royalty interest valuations.  These come in many different scenarios, from tax to financial reporting to litigation.  At this point, we have probably worked in just about every major oil & gas basin in the U.S. and several international projects as well.  I also do some work with oilfield service clients.

What is unique about Mercer Capital’s oil & gas industry services compared to your competitors?

Bryce Erickson: I believe what is unique about our oil & gas group is our blend of industry expertise that we have gained over the years alongside the depth and knowledge of the valuation space. It is a powerful combination for our clients and they like it a lot. On the industry side, we are able to connect with clients and speak their language as far as reserves, basins, structures, and economics are concerned.  On the valuation side, we speak the language of the audiences we are addressing as well, whether that’s a judge in a courtroom, an IRS engineer in a tax matter, or an auditor for a financial reporting issue. Our competitors may have one or the other of those two skill sets, but rarely both.

As a contributor, what types of issues do you cover in your column?

Bryce Erickson: I address industry developments, economic trends, and the impact on valuation for companies operating in the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Marcellus & Utica regions, among others. Additionally, I cover these issues as they pertain to mineral rights and royalty owners. It is a fun column to write. It also allows me to stay tied into the industry as well as keep current.

What is the one thing about your job that gets you excited to work every day?

Bryce Erickson: That’s simple. Solving problems and serving clients.  It scratches itches and is so satisfying for me.  I am excited I get to utilize so much of my education and experience on each engagement so that Mercer Capital can do excellent work for our excellent clients.