Jay Wilson Presenting to Ozark Small Business Incubator

Jay D. Wilson, Jr., CFA, ASA, CBA, Vice President of Mercer Capital, will present “Creating, Managing, and Unlocking Private Company Wealth” for the Ozark Small Business Incubator on October 15, 2015.

During the presentation, Jay’s discussion will include concepts from the new book, Unlocking Private Company Wealth, (by Z. Christopher Mercer, CEO of Mercer Capital). According to the SBA, small businesses employ about half of the private sector and contribute to over 50% of the nation’s GDP. Despite their importance to the overall economy, founders and entrepreneurs frequently do not know the value of these private enterprises and the portion of their wealth through owning these businesses is often illiquid. Indeed, these business owners too often focus only on their business, and not on managing its value even though it is often the principal portion of their individual net worth.

The ideas presented in this session can help business owners understand how to drive value in their business and turn their business into the liquidity-creating vehicle it needs to be for owners to become independent of the business and truly free to sell it, stay with it and grow, or transition it to others of their choice.

Learn more about Unlocking Private Company Wealth here.

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