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A weekly update on issues important to the Asset Management industry

Recent Trends in Asset Management

This week, we’re sharing some recent media on trends in asset management, including the breakaway broker phenomenon, M&A activity, and the ongoing shift towards passive products.

Additional Considerations for Leaving a Wirehouse or Brokerage Firm

Piggybacking off of our post from last week, we discuss the various options one faces when leaving a wirehouse firm, including the various pros and cons to doing so.  The advisory profession has evolved significantly over time, so we’re writing this post to keep you apprised of your options as you consider the big leap.

Options for Today’s Financial Advisors: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ever since the Financial Crisis, wirehouse advisors have been pondering this question as the independent model continues to lure wealth managers from the big banks and brokerage firms.  This post discusses the various options that financial advisors (FAs) are faced with today and when it makes sense for them to stick around or do their own thing.

What Is My RIA Worth?

Of all the topics we cover in RIA Valuation Insights, the most popular concerns what an investment management firm is actually worth.  As a consequence, we thought it would be worthwhile to offer a webinar on the topic, and are planning to do so on Tuesday, October 3. 

Recent Trends in Asset Management

This week we’re sharing some recent media on trends in asset management and the outlook for M&A activity.  Most industry observers foresee an uptick in asset manager deal-making as rising costs, asset outflows, and a heightened interest from consolidators incent many firms to pull the trigger on a sale or business combination with another RIA. 

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