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Common Valuation Misconceptions about Your RIA

Old Rules of Thumb, Recent Headlines, and the Endowment Effect

The endowment effect has an impact on your RIA and oftentimes rules of thumb and recent headlines can lead to overvaluation. We share the nuances of valuing your firm, from assessing cash flow, growth, and risk to understanding the relevance of non-systematic risks. Uncover the factors that truly influence your RIA’s value and learn how an independent valuation can help you make informed decisions for your firm’s future.

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RIA Margins: How Does Your Firm’s Margin Affect Its Value?

Curious about what makes a firm’s margin a powerful indicator of its performance? We explain the “typical margin” for RIAs and how different segments of the investment management industry have varying margins based on their business models. Learn why future margin prospects are more significant than the current margin when evaluating the worth of an RIA and how to protect margins in a rapidly changing industry, and how to generate stable, improving margins that lead to higher valuation multiples when the firm is eventually sold.

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Challenging Year Ahead for Asset Managers

Asset Management Firms Struggle as Market Downturn and Fund Outflows Persist

2022 was a tough year for the RIA industry and the stock market, as persistent inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical tensions shook the economy. Asset management firms felt the pressure, but what factors drove this decline and how did it impact the industry? Discover the challenges faced by both active and passive funds, and explore the outlook for asset managers in the face of an uncertain future.

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RIA M&A Update

RIA M&A activity has remained resilient through the first quarter of 2023, even as macro headwinds have emerged for the industry over the past year.  Fidelity’s March 2023 Wealth Management M&A Transaction Report listed 68 deals through March 2023, up 19% from the 57 deals executed during the same period in 2022.  These transactions represented $108.3 billion in AUM—a 21% increase from the first quarter of 2022.

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Q1 2023: The Market Rallies, RIAs Stay Behind

RIAs started the quarter strong, but bank failures and interest rate hikes led to underperformance. Alternative asset managers, however, saw a last-minute rally during the final few days of the quarter, leading to this category outperforming the S&P during the period.

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An RIA’s Independence Is Valuable

Selling Control Is Losing Control

Harry Truman kept a sign with his personal slogan, “The Buck Stops Here,” on his desk. The reverse side of his sign, which faced the President, says, “I’m from Missouri.” Specifically, Truman grew up in Independence, Missouri, and took pride in his hometown. RIAs would be well advised to value their independence as much.

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Succession Planning for Investment Management Firms

The Best Time To Plan Is Now

Succession planning has been an area of increasing focus in the investment management industry, particularly given what many are calling a looming succession crisis. The demographics suggest that increased attention to succession planning is well warranted: over 60% of RIAs are still led by their founders, and only about a quarter of them have non-founding shareholders. Yet when RIA principals are asked to rank their firm’s top priorities, developing a succession plan is often ranked last.

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The Relationship Between AUM Multiples and RIA Performance

AUM multiples are an often-cited valuation metric in the RIA industry as a back-of-the-envelope way to quickly estimate a firm’s value. The simplicity of AUM multiples is also the greatest pitfall. In our post this week we focus on the key drivers of AUM multiples and other ways to improve the value of your assets under management.

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Preparing for the Unknown Unknowns

The Importance of Sell-Side Due Diligence

Last weekend I had a chance to join my dad for the annual Concours on Amelia Island, a fantastic gathering of car collectors and interesting automobiles of all kinds and eras.  Coinciding with the weekend’s events were collector car auctions from all the major houses.  A cursory review of prices paid and those auction sell-through rates suggest that there’s not much of a recessionary cloud hanging over the economy yet—at least not the economy inhabited by classic car buyers. 

One car that caught my attention last weekend sold for a comparatively modest sum.  The beautiful 1949 Packard convertible pictured above and featured at the RM Sotheby’s auction brought just under $45,000.  If you’re younger than 65, you can be forgiven for not knowing Packard, as the marque was discontinued in the late 1950s.  Bad markets and a bad transaction got the best of a great automaker, which is a cautionary tale for anyone planning the future of their business. This week, we review lessons from the consolidation of the automobile industry that have merit in the RIA space.


When a Buyer Offers You Stock

Fairness Considerations in Equity Financed Transactions

Stock consideration is rarely discussed in RIA transactions but is a common financing feature in other industries. We expect to see more stock-for-stock deals in RIAs for two reasons. As debt financing becomes more expensive (and scarce) and consolidators start to question how much leverage they want to maintain, buyers will be tempted to use equity consideration instead of cash. And if capital gains tax rates rise and sellers can use rollover equity to defer gains, the structure will become more attractive to sellers. How can a seller decide whether or not to accept a suitor’s stock? Find out in this week’s post.

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