The State of Brew Nation

A more thorough and comprehensive understanding of business valuation concepts and vocabulary is required to better appreciate the lessons of this recent past, as well as to anticipate the future that will likely unfold for many beer distributors

Valuation of Medical Device Start-Ups

In recent years, valuation issues have become increasingly important for start-up companies due to changing IRS and financial reporting rules, as well as increasing regulatory and shareholder scrutiny, which together compound potential troubles for start-up companies.

Beer Distributors: Is Yesterday’s Good Deal Today’s Accounting Impairment?

Over the last decade there have been hundreds of transactions in the beer distribution space. The impetus for consolidation has come from the top-down strategy of the breweries and the bottom-up ambition of distributors. Like a great many things before the onset of the financial crisis, the underlying strategies compelling distributor consolidation and deal pricing made better sense then.

Beverage Industry Not Immune to Economic Downturn

The market downturn of 2008 left a myriad of battered stocks in its wake. In such a difficult investment environment many investors flocked to the safe haven of so-called “recession proof” stocks. Historically, beverage stocks have been thought of as recession proof stocks.