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Optional Insights on Valuing PUDs and Unproven Reserves

Public transactions do not disclose the value associated with PUDs and unproven reserves, but instead, they indicate an aggregate value for a bundle of assets.  The allocation of that value across the various assets acquired is up for debate.  Recent transaction sheds some light on asset pricing in the current environment.

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Opportunity in 2020’s Devaluation of the Oilfield Services Industry

Reduced Valuations Present Possibilities for Tax-Efficient Transfers

Year-end 2020 saw a flurry of tax-purposed project activity across all of Mercer Capital’s offices, with clients’ Estate Planning Counsel having recommended numerous gifts and other estate planning related transactions before 2020 came to a close.  While we are all happy to have put 2020 in the rearview mirror, the passing of December 31st does not mean that the gifting opportunity has elapsed.  Despite some level of recovery for parts of the Oilfield Services industry during Q4-2020, valuations remain at significantly depressed levels from where they were prior to March 2020.  In addition, early indications of the Biden Administration’s intentions in regard to estate taxation indicate that the benefit of estate planning transactions will likely be greater in 2021 than in 2020.

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2021 Is Still an Optimal Time for Gifting Interests in E&P Companies

Factors That Led to a Rush of Estate Planning Activity in 2020 Largely Remain

December was a busy month at Mercer Capital, and at business valuation firms across the country.  Clients sought to make gifts and perform other estate planning transactions ahead of year-end.  But the changing of the calendar does not mean that the window for gifting is over.  The factors that led to a rush of estate planning transaction activity during 2020 largely remain.  The combination of depressed E&P valuations, the potential for future tax changes, and the ability to utilize minority interest and marketability discounts are still present in 2021.

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The “Best” of 2020

Energy Valuation Insights’ Top Blog Posts

As we hope for a better 2021, we look back at 2020 to see what was popular with you ­– our readers. This post includes a list of some of our top posts of 2020.

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What Is a Reserve Report?

A reserve report is a fascinating disclosure of information. This is, in part, because the disclosures reveal the strategies and financial confidence an E&P company believes about itself in the near future. Strategies include capital budgeting decisions, future investment decisions, and cash flow expectations. In this post, we provide a general overview of a reserve report, detailing why they’re important, what they contain, and how they’re prepared.

Valuation Issues

How to Use an EV/Production Multiple

Oil and gas analysts use many different metrics to explain and compare the value of an oil and gas company, specifically an exploration and production (E&P) company. The most popular metrics (at least according to our eyeballs) include (1) EV/Production; (2) EV/Reserves; (3) EV/Acreage; and (4) EV/EBITDA(X). Enterprise Value (EV) may also be termed Market Value of Invested Capital (MVIC) and is calculated by the market capitalization of a public company plus debt on the balance sheet less cash on the balance sheet. In this post, we will dive into one of these four metrics, the EV/Production metric, and explore the most popular uses of it.

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Themes from Q3 2020 Earnings Calls

Part 2: Mineral Aggregators

Last week, we reviewed the third quarter earnings calls for a select group of E&P companies and briefly discussed the macroeconomic factors affecting the oil and gas industry.  In this post, we focus on the key takeaways from mineral aggregator third quarter 2020 earnings calls.

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Mineral Aggregator Valuation Multiples Analysis

Market Data as of November 10, 2020

Mercer Capital has thoughtfully analyzed the corporate and capital structures of the publicly traded mineral aggregators to derive meaningful indications of enterprise value.  We have also calculated valuation multiples based on a variety of metrics, including distributions and reserves, as well as earnings and production on both a historical and forward-looking basis. Check out our report in this post.

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