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Do You Know What Is in Your Royalty Trust?

Why did Mesa Royalty Trust outperform all other royalty trusts over the previous two years and what is the nature of its economic rights and restrictions?

How to Value Overriding Royalty Interests

When comparing a royalty interest to an ORRI, it is critical to understand the subtle nuances of the rights and restrictions between the two. Owners of royalty interests utilizing Permian Basin Royalty Trust as a valuation gauge should adjust for such differences as well as other differences between publicly traded and non-marketable securities.

Held (or Held Up?) by Production

Depending on which side of an oil and gas negotiation one is on, Held By Production (HBP) provisions can be a favorable, or unfavorable, value contributor. We discuss the concept and provide helpful information for mineral owners to consider.

How to Value your Exploration and Production Company

We recently published a white paper explaining how to value an E&P company. The purpose of the paper is to provide an informative overview regarding the valuation of exploration and production (E&P) companies operating in the oil and gas industry.

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