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Themes from Q3 2022 Earnings Calls

Part 2: Oilfield Service Companies

In part 2 of this Q3 earnings calls series, we focus on key takeaways from Oilfield Service Companies such as the expanding role of international business segments, long-term sustainable growth, and E&P production growth plans.

Special Topics

Themes from Q3 2022 Earnings Calls

Part 1: Upstream

This week, we focus on the key takeaways from the Q3 2022 Upstream earnings calls including the continued focus on share buybacks, moderate production growth, and how inflation is limiting that growth.

Mineral and Royalty Rights

Mineral Aggregator Valuation Multiples Study Released

With Market Data as of November 14, 2022

Mercer Capital has its finger on the pulse of the minerals market.  An important trend has been the rise of mineral aggregators, which have largely supplanted the trusts as the primary method of publicly traded minerals ownership.

In this updated Study, Mercer Capital has thoughtfully analyzed the corporate and capital structures of the publicly traded mineral aggregators to derive meaningful indications of enterprise value.  We have also calculated valuation multiples based on a variety of metrics, including distributions and reserves, as well as earnings and production on both a historical and forward-looking basis.

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Takeaways from Two Recent Energy Events in Dallas

Strong Industry Fundamentals, Capital Markets Showing Signs of Resurgence, and Energy Security

In the past week, several energy-related gatherings have been held in the Dallas area. We attended two of them: the D-CEO Energy Awards and Hart Energy’s Energy Capital Conference. We had numerous discussions with company representatives, dealmakers, and service providers.  The marketplace appears excited about the potential for the upcoming year amid challenges. At both events, several industry themes were evident including: the energy industry has strong fundamentals, capital markets are showing signs of a resurgence in needed capital, and energy security is returning to the lexicon.

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Now Available: Mercer Capital’s 2022 Energy Purchase Price Allocation Study

Mercer Capital is pleased to announce the release of the “2022 Energy Purchase Price Allocation Study.” This study provides a detailed analysis and overview of valuation and accounting trends in different subsectors of the energy space for the 2021 calendar year. This study researches and observes publicly available purchase price allocation data for four sub-sectors of the energy industry: (i) exploration & production; (ii) oilfield services; (iii) midstream; and (iv) refiners and marketers. 

This study is unlike any other in terms of energy industry specificity and depth. The study provides a detailed analysis and overview of valuation and accounting trends in each sub-sector. This study also enables key users and preparers of financial statements to better understand the asset mix, valuation methods, and useful life trends in the energy space as they pertain to business combinations under ASC 805 and GAAP fair value standards under ASC 820. We utilized transactions that closed and reported their purchase allocation data in calendar year 2021.

Special Topics

How Waves Of Reality Are Swelling Upstream Returns

Upstream and oilfield service companies have bucked investment trends most of this year. While other industries have had stagnant to negative returns, the oil patch has outperformed them all. Several realities have come to the forefront to build this wave: world, production, and capital realities.

Bakken Shale

Bakken Regains Its Footing

The economics of Oil & Gas production vary by region. Mercer Capital focuses on trends in the Eagle Ford, Permian, Bakken, and Marcellus and Utica plays. The cost of producing oil and gas depends on the geological makeup of the reserve, depth of reserve, and cost to transport the raw crude to market. We can observe different costs in different regions depending on these factors. This quarter we take a closer look at the Bakken.

Bakken Shale Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures

Bakken M&A

Increased Transaction Volume Continues into 2022

M&A transaction activity in the Bakken increased through year-to-date 2022 relative to the same time period in 2021 and consisted of a handful of large deals and numerous small deals. In this post, we discuss Bakken transaction activity as a whole and also dive deeper into the two largest Bakken transactions made this year.

Oil & Gas

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