Valuing Oil & Gas Reserves (Part II)

Valuation Issues

Don Erickson, Managing Director of Mercer Capital, educates the public on valuation methodologies and trends impacting various industries. One such industry is Oil & Gas. In the second part of this two-part slide deck, he discusses the basics of how to value oil & gas reserves.

Structured in two parts, this slide deck was originally presented to notable professionals in the valuation industry and is designed as a high level overview of the technological and production method changes currently employed by the oil and gas industry.

Mercer Capital’s goal with this slide deck is to give the public a vocabulary and conceptual framework for thinking about valuation issues and challenges within the industry given it is prone to volatile swings in commodity prices.

Mercer Capital has significant experience valuing assets and companies in the oil and gas industry, primarily oil and gas, bio fuels and other minerals. We also provide financial education services to family businesses.  We help family ownership groups, boards, and management teams align their perspectives on the financial realities, needs, and opportunities of the business. Contact a Mercer Capital professional today to discuss your needs in confidence.