Buy-Sell Agreements: Valuation Handbook for Attorneys

by Z. Christopher Mercer, FASA, CFA, ABAR

Coming Fall 2020
Format: Print Book

This book contains valuation-related template language attorneys can insert directly into client buy-sell agreements 

Buy-Sell Agreements: Valuation Handbook for Attorneys contains new and important information that will help you draft or revise buy-sell agreements for successful closely held and family business clients around the nation. The goal of this book is to fix ticking time bombs in existing buy-sell agreements and to avoid them altogether in newly drafted agreements.

This book is all about solutions to valuation problems in buy-sell agreements. It provides:

  • Four valuation processes involving a single business appraiser to determine price at future trigger events.
    • One of these single appraiser processes provides a multiple appraiser option for the parties to involve additional appraisers, but in a different order than the traditional three appraiser processes that so often do not work.
  • Flow diagrams are provided so you can visualize the steps in intended valuation processes and be better able to understand the language in the agreement
  • Template language to assist attorneys in drafting the valuation portions of client buy-sell agreements

The information and guidance found in this book has been the result of decades of experience working with hundreds of buy-sell agreements and participating in dozens of (mostly flawed) valuation processes as a business appraiser or appraisal consultant.

The book is presented in four parts:

Part I: Buy-Sell Agreement Basics

Part II: Buy-Sell Agreement Pricing Mechanisms

Part III: Recommended Buy-Sell Agreement Pricing Mechanisms

Part IV: Template Language for Valuation Process Buy-Sell Agreements

Four Reasons You Should Order This Book

  • You will learn what works and what doesn’t work in valuation mechanisms for buy-sell agreements and why
  • You will learn seven things that need to be in every valuation process pricing mechanism to provide a chance for effective operation of the processes
  • You will get real world business and valuation perspectives on buy-sell agreements from a business appraiser who is the recognized authority on the topic
  • Perhaps most importantly, you will receive draft template language to help you draft valuation mechanisms that will work. This template language addresses only the valuation and pricing aspects of buy-sell agreements and is not available anywhere else.