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Webinar: How to Value an Early-Stage FinTech Company

Do you have a clear picture of your company’s value and do you know if you are creating value in your early-stage FinTech company?

Hidden behind the veil of the private market, an early-stage FinTech company’s value can seem complex and obscure. In valuing a FinTech company, attention need be given to external factors such as unique industry dynamics and the regulatory environment as well as internal company factors such as risk exposure and shareholder preferences. Comparing to high-profile competitors is difficult, as reported values can be skewed if calculated from investors’ stock prices that omit layers of investment preferences. While a rule-of-thumb may be appealing, its simplicity does not adequately capture the company’s risk profile and growth potential.

A clear picture of a company’s value offers notable opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors. Measuring value creation over time is vital for planning purposes, and an awareness of valuation drivers can propel the company to higher growth. In addition, the knowledge gleaned from the valuation process provides insights and identifies key risk and growth opportunities that can improve the company’s strategic planning process–a process that might build to a successful liquidity event (sale or IPO) or the development of a stable company that can operate independently for a long time.

Hosted by Jay D. Wilson Jr., CFA, ASA, CBA, this webinar identifies the key value drivers for an early-stage FinTech company for investors, entrepreneurs, and potential partners.

A complimentary copy of Jay’s new book, Creating Strategic Value Through Financial Technology (MSRP $65), will be included with the registration fee of $79.

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About the Speaker: Jay D. Wilson Jr. heads Mercer Capital’s Financial Technology industry team and publishes research related to the FinTech industry in the bi-annual newsletter Value Focus: FinTechJay is also the author of Creating Strategic Value Through Financial Technology (John Wiley & Sons, 2017).

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