The “Best” of 2020

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As we hope for a better 2021, we look back at 2020 to see what was popular with you ­– our readers.  Below is a list of some of our top posts of 2020.

Energy Valuations: Freefall Into Bankruptcy Or Is This Time Different?

2020’s challenges were apparent early in the year.  In this post, Bryce Erickson discusses whether the headwinds are a temporary blip, or whether these issues portend a wave of bankruptcies for the industry.

Saudi Arabia, Russia, or the United States – Did One of the Players Blink?

This post from April discusses some of the initial fallout from the Saudi / Russian price war, and came just days before the historic decline of WTI into negative territory.

Royalties and Minerals: A New Market Is Emerging

2020 delivered some jarring blows to players in the mineral and royalty space. Although this asset class enjoys certain benefits relative to oil and gas producers, its value is still connected to commodity prices. The recent swing downward has staggered market participants and quickly changed several assumptions regarding a sense of normalcy. In this post, Bryce Erickson discusses the sector with Chris Atherton, the CEO of EnergyNet, which is one of the largest private mineral transaction platforms in the market.

Impairment Testing of Oil & Gas Reserves

The oil & gas market and the energy sector as a whole took a beating during 2020 and experienced unprecedented events due to the global impacts from the pandemic and international price wars. Companies are having to question and consider the need for interim impairment testing on reserves. This post will help oil & gas companies discern whether they may need to make interim impairment assessments and to understand the impairment testing process.

Oil Frackers Are Breaking Records Again – In Bankruptcy Court

In an unfortunate answer to the first post featured above, it was not different.  In this post, Bryce Erickson discusses the volume of E&P bankruptcies observed during 2020.


2020 was a challenging year in the energy space that most are eager to leave behind.  We look forward to 2021 and appreciate your interest in this blog. May you and your family enjoy a happy and prosperous year!